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Playful stuff, upbeat & interesting. New items & some pre-loved. | 250-588-7091

Get to Know Us: buy & sell

Brookeline Boutique fills an online retail niche that is fresh and unique. Always interesting, sometimes surprising, and certainly hard to resist! Buy things, or sell your collectibles to us for sale here.

Based in the South Vancouver Island region of British Columbia, Canada, we share this jewel of an island with you through every regionally-sourced product that we sell.

Feel the ocean, sense the forest, inhale the air… the essence of Vancouver Island will arrive in your package or digital purchase, as our special added ‘free with purchase’ gift to you.

Our Corners - great shopping

Poke around in the corners of this little shop for unique and special finds!

  • Artsy Things: Introduce some new flair to your home with modern artwork, a unique dish or nicely potted plant.
  • Books & Paper: Explore some new ideas from a book or two, or get something printed of your own.
  • Collectibles: This is stuff that maybe you once had, but you miss it, and now you can find it again.
  • Intelligence: Looking for new insights for lifestyle and authentic living? Try a bit of feng shui or intuitive tips.
  • Subscriptions: Stay fast-informed on today’s news from a Vancouver Island perspective, or beyond.
  • Your Own Style: Maybe it’s time to jazz up your style with something new to wear.

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