Island Social Trends [Economy]

Island Social Trends [Economy]

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Island Social Trends is a professional news media service.

Economy-level subscription provides links to all current Island Social Trends news articles as first published at, batched up every week or two. This gets sent directly to your Email Inbox. Issued at least 4x/month, and sometimes more often.

You as a reader: You’re someone who stays on top of the news. Island Social Trends provides further insights, editorials, commentary and background. You appreciate real journalism, sometimes outside the box but always well-written, attentive, respectful and easy to read.

Economy Levels (for 1 year): Individual (Level 1) – $29.95+GST | Small Team – 2 to 5 recipients (Level 2) – $65+GST | Corporate – 5+ recipients (Level 3) – $115+GST | Use the order form below.

Trial (pay by the week): 63¢ per week. Phone 250-217-5821 to provide your credit card information (do *not* send credit card info by email).

Journalism Scope: Based out of Vancouver Island but with a view to the province and across Canada. Key content themes include current news (local, regional, provincial, national, and global), health, education, politics, business, environment, sustainability, family and lifestyle, women, journalism and media industry.